Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Capital Crescent

We rode the Capital Crescent Trail on our bikes today. It was so hot out! It was a very fun trail though, we need to go back and do it again in nicer weather.
Nearing the End of the Trail... Maybe

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Skyline Drive NPS

Today we drove the first section of Skyline drive. It was so beautiful!
A Blue View from Skyline Drive

We were thrilled to hundreds of butterflies at every stop we made along the way. One thistle bush was covered with at least 30 butterflies at the same time.

Silhouetted Sharing

Sunday, August 05, 2007

C & O Canal Boat Rides

We went back to Georgetown to take a ride on a canal boat. This was great fun, and our guide shared a wealth of information with us. On the ride you are pulled by mules, down the canal about 2 miles. You even get to go through a lock.

Mule Power

After riding on the boat we went in search of a lock we had missed on our previous trip. There is a lock before Lock 1. It is called the Tidal Lock, and it is situated across from the Watergate Hotel (the lock is where the Watergate Hotel got its name).

After finally finding the spot where the canal joins with the Potomac River we decided to run up to Great Falls and ride their canal boat too. It was similar yet different to the Georgetown ride. Up at Great Falls, you really are out in the country and it was very beautiful.

The Charles F. Mercer