Wednesday, April 20, 2005


After Bible Bowl, our family visited Chicago. We tried to pack in as many museums as we could over Sunday and Monday.

This a view of Chicago from in front of Adler Planetarium. The large round building at the left of the picture is the aquarium.

The kids had a lot of fun exploring the many exhibits at the planetarium.

After spending several hours at Adler, we walked the short distance to Shedd Aquarium. We were only able to see maybe half of the exhibits. Shedd is huge. We were able to watch the dolphin show, and talk at length to the beluga whale and sea otter keepers. This help us fulfill one of the requirements for the Marine Mammals honor we were working on.

Sunday evening we visited Sears Tower

Monday we spent the day at the Museum of Science and Industry.

This was a very cool wall. The images on it reacted to the movement of your shadow.

We spent quite a bit of time watching the young chicks and the chicks that were hatching before our eyes. This was a very special exhibit.

Bible Bowl - North American Division Level

William and Beth with the Tridadelphia Sparks have returned from a wonderful trip to Berrien Springs, Michigan where they came back with a first place finish! Our team boarded The Capital Limited in Rockville, Maryland, for an overnight train ride to South Bend, Indiana.

Some of the very fun things about riding the train are getting to eat in the dining car while the countryside rushes past your window, and relaxing in your own room enjoying a good book or a game with a friend.

Friday the team enjoyed some sight seeing at Warren Dunes State Park in Michigan.

Sabbath was the day of the big event. More than twenty teams met for the final round, and the questions were shown in English, Spanish, and French.

All the participants.

William and Beth.

The Triadelphia team.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Flower Culture Honor

William and Beth's seedlings are doing well, and we are adding the care of perennials and other garden jobs to their weekly tasks. Today they freshened the mulch around the azeleas in the front yard, and built a little stone border around the pear tree. They also helped me dig up the bare spots in front lawn and planted grass seed. They watered the plants, grass, and seedlings in the front and back, and helped me sweep the porch and fill the bird baths.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Bible Bowl - Union Level

Success again! We are headed to Michigan for the North American Division event in two weeks!

William and Beth are in the second row, towards the left.