Thursday, October 20, 2005

Science Experiments

Today we began two science experiments.

In one we are discovering what effect alcohol has on the growth of bacteria. We have one petri dish that has a penny, thumbtack and a paper clip that have been soaked in alcohol, and one where the items have not been soaked in alcohol. We will check on them in a week.

In the other one we are looking at why things decompose faster in some soils than in others. We put a piece of paper in each cup, and then filled each with a different kind of damp soil: humus, potting soil, dirt, and sand. We will check on them in three days, five days and a week.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dayton Days Parade

Sunday the kids and I marched in the Dayton Days Parade with the Triadelphia Church. Dayton is a tiny little town not far from the church. The kind of town you drive through without even knowing it. It ended up being a lot of fun. The parade route wound through the country for a mile. And, aside from one main cross road at which maybe 30 or 40 people had gathered, we marched mostly past houses scattered few and far between, in front of which would be a family or two watching eagerly for us to come along.


We have been studying DNA in science class. William and Beth built this double helix model with the "help" of our classroom kitty Riker.