Monday, August 30, 2004

First Day of School

I think we are all pretty tired, but it has been a fun day. We have had to start the year without several key subjects because a number of our books are on back order. Dispite this it was still a remarkably full day. The classes we were able to have were: Bible, Handwriting, Reading, Violin, Piano, German, and Physical Education. We should be able to add Math and Science by Wednesday, as they arrived about 3:00 this afternoon.

William and Beth have also begun work on their English blogs. They are going to make daily posts as a requirement for English class.

Here are a few pictures of our PE class today. This was the first time William and Beth had ever tried to properly hold a racket, or hit a ball.

We rode our bikes to a nearby park which has tennis courts. The ride is down hill going there, and up hill coming home. I haven't decided whether that is a good thing or not.

Beth designed this layout. :)

The first thing we practiced was bouncing the ball on our rackets. This went very well. They have done this with ping-pong balls, so the main change was weight.

Next, we practiced grips and trying to get the ball to hit a wall and bounce back. It took a bit of practice, but both of them were able to volley with the wall up to a count of three before we left.

It was very cloudy, and we did get sprinkled on a bit, but we were greatful for it. It was 96 degrees when we left the house, and the heat index was 99. This had the following effect on us... Note to self: remember to bring water next time!

As a side note, (because William will probably want me to remember) Three balls were hit over the fence today, one by each of us. When William went to get his ball, he had me use the stop watch to time him. He made it to the ball and back in 01.04 minute.