Sunday, January 30, 2005

Impromptu Alto

Daniel stood in as choir director at Rockville Methodist Church today. After the beautiful ride to the barn this morning, I decided I would go with him. We received about three inches of snow and ice last night, and the snow was still coming down in big fluffy flakes this morning. When we got to the church we were disheartened to discover only about five cars in the parking lot. By 11:00 there were about 40 church members in the pews, but only three in the choir loft: a soprano, a tenor, and a bass. Is it a surprise that I sing alto? Danny had been playing a recording of the piece they were going to sing in the car on the way there, hoping that I would be willing to fill out the ranks of the alto section. Well, as it turned out I didn't just join the alto section, I was the alto section... I don't think the composer ever dreamed this piece would be used as a quartet, but it ended up working out pretty well. I was scared, I don't like to sing when I stand out, but at the same time it was fun. I guess it was just one of those growing experiences.

I fell in love with these snow covered trees on the church grounds.

Photo lovingly taken by Daniel

Iced Berries

Driving Through the Woods on a Snowy Morning

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Our New Orchid

Don't you just love giving yourself Christmas presents? :)

2004 Doilies