Sunday, October 31, 2004

We are driving home from our church's fall investment sale. The sun is shining through below the clouds, and the air is filled with with the red and yellow of falling leaves. The wind is really picking up. It is an absolutely glorious evening to be driving through the woods.

I saw a hawk earlier today. I'm surprised I haven't seen any deer.

We explored a bit around Triadelphia Lake, and discovered where we would go if we were to put the sailboat in. I can hardly believe that we may actually be able to go sailing next summer. I hope I remember how.

Looks like we may try flying our kites again real quick before it gets dark. We tried earlier, but the winds were light and variable.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Eclipse Pictures

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Eclipse

We are headed outside in a few minutes to set up the telescope so that we can get a good view of the eclipse. Unlike last year, tonight is beautifully clear. :)

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Rehoboth Beach - Day 3

Friday, October 22, 2004

Rehoboth Beach - Day 2

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Rehoboth Beach - Day 1

Vacations are a wonderful thing. I marvel that we have survived so long without one! We enjoyed three beautiful days at the beach. We read, played in the sand, flew kites, rode our bikes along the boardwalk, played minigolf, and came away refreshed.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Psalms 27:14

"Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord."
Psalms 27:14

New Griddler

I posted a new Griddler yesterday. It is an eight piece multi griddler called "Mutts: Mooch Walking Earl". The ID numbers are 12843 - 12850. If you want to find other puzzles made by me, my author name is Vics. :)

Here are my top ten rated puzzles:
Great Egret
Van Gogh's Cypresses
Woodland Flowers
Birds and Blooms
Rufous Hummingbird
White Eared Hummingbird
Monet's Poppies
Cassatt's Young Mother Sewing
Starry Night
Costa's Hummingbird

Danny got a Project!!!

Yesterday was rather amazing. He found out in the morning he was going to have an interview, and by afternoon, he had the job! :) For more information see his blog.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Riding With Danny

I went with Danny on his bike ride to IBM. That was exhausting! Who knew so few miles could give you such an intense workout! For those of you who haven't been tracking his blog the ride to IBM resembles a wide V, in other words it has an intense hill to climb both ways.

We saw three dear, one had antlers. :)
  • Distance: 4.44 miles
  • Time: 30 minutes, 36 seconds
  • Average Velocity: 8.72 mph
  • Max Velocity: 22 mph


A spontaneous three day vacation at the beach this weekend?! :) I can hardly wait!

Lots to do, more later.