Photo Gallery - 2002

new pictures added 8/20/02

Beth and William in front of the Jefferson Memorial.

Daniel, William and Beth at the FDR Memorial.

A walk in a snowstorm.

Our house in the snow.

The playground by our house.

The National Cathedral (side entrance).

Daffodils from my garden.

William's room after we painted it.

We went downtown to see the cherry blossoms.

That is Beth and Vicki on the bench.

Jefferson Memorial

Our backyard in spring.

These are a few of the crystals we grew this year in science class.

This is our time line.
It is 51.4 feet long.

4170BC (Creation) is here at the closest point.
William is standing at 1AD.
Beth is standing at 2002AD.

These are a few of the molecules we made this year.

H2 - Hydrogen
Cl2 - Chlorine
N2 - Nitrogen
HCl - Hydrochloric acid
NH3 - Ammonia
H2O - Water
H2O2 - Hydrogen Peroxide
CO2 - Carbon Dioxide
C8H10N4O2 - Caffeine
NaCl - Sodium Cholride
MgCl2 - Magnesium Chloride

The following pictures are thanks to Leila Ashton and Ted Ashton.
Chamber Music Weekend 2002


Our good friend John Ernst, with Aunt Rilla in the background.

Seth and William playing Long, Long, Ago.

The Petry Family Reunion

The Ashtons

The Ashton Grandchildren:
Beth, William with Nathan, Jo, and Jim


Making sandcastles.

Happiness is Togetherness

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