Photo Gallery - 1999

Beth and William dressed up and ready for their first recital.

William and Beth at work.

Grace ~ stuffed

William has set up Talladega Super Speedway on the floor, while the race at that location is on the screen.

Socks and her daughter Riker THEN,


Mom, is it just me, or is this basket smaller than it used to be?

Freckles ~ our newest friend.

Priest Lake at sunset.

Grandma Minor, Grammy Sweeney, Beth, and William get some sun.

Papa Minor joins the fun. Actually he was bringing me a hammer so that we could repair the dock. But hey, to me that's fun!

Once upon a blustery day. . .

. . .William and Beth met a very LARGE rock.

A very large rock indeed!

Daniel, Beth, and William pause for thought.

Zoo Atlanta, Christmas Eve

This poor little otter had such a mouth full of straw that it
couldn't see where it was going.

Our zoo received two young pandas on loan from China.
To see more pictures of Lun Lun and Yang Yang click on

This is what was left of the year 1999! They made this chain back before
Thanksgiving and cut off one link each day. William is holding the one that will be cut January 1, 2000.

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