Sunday, February 06, 2005

For My Valentine

I stood and watched the snow fall
From a quiet, cozy place.
I looked and wished with all my heart
It was falling on my face.

My husband looked across the room.
He smiled and understood.
We hurried into coats and gloves,
Not bothering with our hoods.

Out the door, and in the yard,
Our faces to the sky,
Watching snowflakes saunter down
Hand in hand, my love and I.

Big flakes they were,
Soft falling in the night.
Lazy cotton balls,
Lit by pink street light.

The snow was damp and thick,
It blanketed our tree.
It clung to each limb, and twig,
And of course to him and me.

"Poof! Poof!" I cried,
And bounced about with glee.
His quiet smile holds a tenderness,
Which still amazes me.

A silly little thing I am
To find such joy in snow
But my husband dearly loves me,
Of this I surely know.


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