Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Chapter One, In Which Vicki Engages in Home Repair

We are going through a period of flux right now. Danny has been laid off the project he had been on at IBM. He still has a job, but without a project he could eventually be considered dead weight. It is very conceivable that his next position could be out of state in which case we may need to sell our current home very quickly. We are praying that we will not have to move, but if that looks like the direction God is leading us, we are willing to go. So, while he searches for a new position, I am throwing myself into getting our house in order.

Last weekend I scrubbed, sanded, and painted the window sills on the back of the house. I love this sort of work, but it did present various problems. We have a two story townhouse, and only a four step ladder. Leaning out of the upstairs window may not have been the wisest way to work on the sill, but it was kind of fun. :) If it ever stops raining I need to do the same for the front of the house. I am very grateful that the previous owners gave us all of their leftover paint.

Inside the house, I have replaced two fabric blinds, and patched screw holes from past curtain rods, and various other things. Actually, I'm not sure what some of the holes were from. I had not messed with them when we first moved in because the movers put furniture in front of them, and I forgot they were there. If the kids and I can manage to finish school in a timely manner tomorrow, perhaps I will be able to sand and paint all the little white splotches I have created.

Danny has been busy on the house too. He installed some gorgeous track lighting in the kitchen, and shortened the strings on the shades I had installed. He hung my white board this week too. :)


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