Tuesday, September 07, 2004

White Board

Our new white board arrived today! Previously we had used one that was only 2'x3', our new one is 4'x8'! This is what our classroom looked like this morning.

Our school day came to a screeching halt with its arrival, and we spent the rest of the afternoon, unpacking and hanging it. Fortunately it was not as heavy as we had feared it would be, but we did discover, after extensive measuring, remeasuring, and attempted mounting that our floor and ceiling have a 3/4 inch rise! We (read Danny) finally got the job done thanks to a level, and a kind neighbor who helped me hold it up while Danny finished the job.

We did manage to get in several more classes after all this. I mean, how can you not break in something like this right away?! :) William and Beth keep walking into the room room and staring at it with awed phrases like "Its so big!"


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