Monday, January 31, 2005

Bird Honor Completed

We had completed all but one of the requirements for this honor several months ago. Thanks to the recent snows, three new birds (Junco, Song Sparrow, and White-throated Sparrow) have arrived in our back yard and become regulars at our feeders. This has filled in the last of our list of "thirty species of wild birds, including birds from at least five different orders, that we have personally observed and positively identified by sight out of doors."

1. American Crow
2. Baltimore Oriole
3. Black Capped Chik-a-dee
4. Blue Jay
5. Canadian Geese
6. Cardinal
7. Carolina Wren
8. Cat Bird
9. Common Grackle
10. Cow Bird
11. Dark Eyed Junco
12. Downy Woodpecker
13. European Starling
14. Gold Finch
15. Great Blue Heron
16. Great Egret
17. House Finch
18. House Sparrow
19. Mallard Duck
20. Mocking Bird
21. Mourning Dove
22. Red Shouldered Hawk
23. Red Winged Blackbird
24. Ring-billed Gull
25. Robin
26. Ruby-throated Hummingbird
27. Song Sparrow
28. Tufted Titmouse
29. Turkey Vulture
30. White-throated Sparrow


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