Thursday, September 16, 2004

Pathfinder Honors

William and Beth are not officially enrolled in Pathfinders, but our church is working on starting a club. Until then, the church is making it possible for the kids to work on some honors. Some of the honors they have worked on have tied into things we have learned in school. For example, last year in science class we spent several weeks studying and classifying rocks and minerals.

Here is a picture of what they have achieved so far. {Bible Markings, Cultural Diversity, Rocks and Minerals}

Right now they are working on their Textile Painting and Quilting honors. We will be incorporating the quilting honor into art class. The kids just finished their first block each. The blue and white blocks pictured below are for their honor.

We had started a quilt several years ago, but began it very late in the school year. After we complete the requirements for the honor, we will continue working on the quilt we started earlier.


At 12:18 AM, Ellen said...

Lovely work, and lovely blocks. That is the same pattern I used for a quilt I made for Nathan, only the background was yellow, and each star was a different fabric. The top is done--maybe I'll finish it someday!


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