Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hawk Count

This week as I was taking Danny to work (a one hour drive each way), I saw eight hawks! That doubles last week. :)

  • One: large, rusty tummy - Crystal Rock Dr.
  • One: large, rusty tummy - 27 before Damascus
  • One: large, rusty tummy - Broken Land Pkwy. and Snowden River Pkwy.
  • One: large, pale tummy, a few brown flecks - 32, Northwest of Clarksville
  • Two: large, rusty tummies - Broken Land Pkwy. and Snowden River Pkwy.
  • One: large, brown back - 32 at 29 exit
  • One: large, brown back - 32 at Cedar Lane exit

  • . . .

    Later in the day when I went to pick Danny up, the kids and I saw one of the hawks at the corner of Broken Land and Snowden River again.


    At 10:39 AM, Walker said...

    Hey! Check out my hawk picture. It was taken from my office window. It's a Coopers Hawk.

    At 10:48 AM, Walker said...

    Hmmm... did my comment post?

    I'll try again. I wanted you to see my hawk photo.

    At 11:14 AM, Vics said...

    Nice picture. I keep trying to take a picture of a little hawk that lands on our back fence from time to time, but by the time my camera is ready he is always gone. Perhaps the sight of our six cats watching out the window makes him nervous.

    At 1:29 PM, Walker said...

    LOL Could be. My three big mutts don't help me any in that department. Love your garden pictures, especially the purple coneflower and that groundhog picture! How did you get that? The best I do are rabbits, chipmunks, and the occasional squirrel. I'll keep checking your garden blog this summer. Love garden pictures!


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